Mid-July 2014 Newsletter

Mid-July 2014
Virgil and angels have something in common
The Independence Day celebrations are behind us and we're delighting in this lovely, coolish summer weather. It's been unseasonably cool this past week and our visitors seem pleased as well.

One delightful figure of ours, Virgil -- the two-faced clown, reminds us of the story of the kissing angels. John's wife, Karen, lost her parents 20 years ago and while sorting through the belongings, she came across a few notes written by her mother. She wrote that the porcelain kissing angels guided their first years of marriage. A boy and a girl, two separate pieces, are poised to kiss one another. However, when Karen's parents had a disagreement, one of them would turn the back of the angels to one another. When one of them was ready to make-up, or apologize, they placed the angels facing one another. The story goes further. During the estate auction, those same kissing angels were placed in a box with other assorted odds and ends and sold to a woman for $20. For years, Karen searched for those kissing angels because now she had the full story. And there's a happy ending to this story. The woman who had purchased the box of "stuff" 20 years ago had experienced a rather difficult two decades. While she was cleaning one day, she found the kissing angels, knew of Karen's quest to find them and reunited the three of them in February.  So, perhaps you'd like to offer a Virgil to a friend that could become a family heirloom. With a happy face on one side and a frown on the other, either way, others would know whether it was a good day or bad day!

Our mid-month special is the Bernie the eagle. It was named after Bernard F. Boyd.  In his first career (before glass) he worked in downtown Columbus and his friends called him Bernie.  Boyd Glass introduced the Bernie eagle in the color Cardinal Red Carnival in 1992.  This mid-month has the Bernie eagle selling for $5.00.  We have the following colors of Bernie the eagle available: Capri Blue, Fantasia, Rosie Brown, and Waterloo. 
Our regular July specials continue.  These existing July specials are the Louise Hand-painted for $10, the Mac Scottie dog for $6 and the Virgil clown for $5.  Several colors in each of these moulds are still available.
We will gladly add names or cross them off our list - just email us