July 2014 Newsletter

July 2014

Virgil Clown Can Be Unique Communication Tool

With the summer solstice behind us, our days are getting shorter and hotter. Operating a glass factory for several decades was difficult during the heat of the summer. Traditionally, glass companies closed down shop the first two weeks of July. We wonder whether it had to do with Independence Day celebrations and families planning to go on vacation, or whether the management knew it really was too hot to sit in front of a 2000-degree tank, gathering molten glass.

With the Cambridge Glass Convention just winding down, we saw a lot of old friends as they stopped by to wish us well. Some brought in grandchildren and great grandchildren, as many of our visitors once worked in a glass factory and wanted to show their families what it took to manufacture glass. Regardless of whether you made glass at the turn of the 20th century or 21st century, hot is still hot.

Sue has enjoyed seeing that many of her Kitten on pillows from her personal collection have found happy homes. Most recently she brought in some of her hand-painted JBs. It is impressive to see many of the older Boyd Glass colors.  Sometimes we forget about variety of colors that we were able to produce decades ago.

Newsletter Specials – Louise HP, Mac Scottie dog, Virgil
Named after Louise Boyd, we introduced the Louise doll mould in the color Lemon Ice in 1979. Our July newsletter special is for the hand-painted Louise doll. Over the years, various artists have painted these dolls. Artists will generally identify their work on these special HP items with their initials. Selling for $10 each, the HP Louise in various colors are available; some of these are many years old.

The Mac is one of our special Scottie dog creations. The Mac Scottie dog is sitting upright and we introduced this mould in 2005. This month the Mac will sell for $6.00 in a range of colors.

The Virgil is a unique clown because it has a frown on one side and a smile on the other side. The Virgil clown is a mould that Boyd Glass had made. It was introduced in January 1993 in the color Nile Green. This month the Virgil will sell for $5.00. We have a range of colors available shown on our website.

Sue’s Collector’s Corner

Duke, Scottie dog – Bronze Slag, Cotton Carnival, Siesta, Vaseline, Vaseline Carnival
Gypsy Pot – Limelight
Virgil clown – Lemon Custard


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