Mid-May 2014 Newsletter

Hand-painted items are rare finds


Birds chirping, children laughing, and grass growing are all reassuring signs that spring has arrived. Several collectors have taken to their closets, cupboards and cardboard boxes and are unearthing their Boyd Glass collections to showcase in the newly-washed windows of homes and shops. Have you found a piece missing? Do you have an extra piece that needs a new home?

Traci finds new items throughout her days and shares these on our website -- mostly the Old Boyd glass. Look there if you're in search of something special. Traci just added several JUST FOUND colors of the Nancy doll. In many of these colors we have a quantity of one available. We have collectors that regularly check our website, in search for what Traci may have recently found and added to our site.

We enjoy when our collectors write to report some of the higher prices that Boyd Glass pieces will fetch on eBay. In a recent eBay auction, the Chick Salt in Ruby Gold sold for $384 and also in the Chick Salt a Copper Glo sold for $464!

The hand-painted Duke is our midmonth special. There are two different prices on these items, depending on the degree of hand-painting. Obviously, paying the artist for her time in the detail work is reflected in the final price of the item. The basic painted Duke will have the eyes, ears, nose, and tongue painted. But the next level of painting has not only those features highlighted, but also the front of the dog is decorated. This front decoration could be stars, a chick, an American flag, a shamrock, etc. The basic painted ones regularly retail $14-$15, and now are on special for $7. The more ornately-painted ones normally retail for $20, and will now retail for $10. In these Duke there is quite a variety of glass colors and painted styles. Since there is so much variety, it is best to see what you are getting; on the website all are pictured.

Our regular May specials continue. These existing May specials are the Elizabeth doll, the Hand, and the Patrick balloon bear. These current moulds are on special for $4 each. There is still a wide range of colors available, especially in the Patrick bear. The color variety in the Hand and the Elizabeth is much more limited.

We will gladly add names or cross them off our list - just email us