May 2014 Newsletter

May 2014 Newsletter

Old Boyd Section has Stellar Finds

The Ohio skies were cloudy the night of April 14-15. Normally not a big deal, but we missed seeing the blood moon. The blood moon is named because the full moon appears red during the total lunar eclipse. This one was the first of the Tetrad: four consecutive total lunar eclipses. So we have three more chances in the next 18 months. Next opportunity is October 8th, 2014. According to the NASA website, the Tetrad prior to 2014-15 was in 2003-04 while the next group will not be until almost 20 years later in 2032-33. Like the blood moon, where you still have viewing opportunities, you also have opportunities to buy Boyd Glass on our website. Traci added to the Old Boyd section of our website several old colors of 5” Dishes, Chick Salt, Lucky unicorn, and Teddy tugboat.

The 5” Dishes currently available on our website include three styles. All of these use the same bottom mould with three different lid moulds. We have the 5” Hen in Cider. We have the 5” Robin in Apricot, Daffodil, and Golden Delight. And we have the 5” Turkey in Cider and Limelight.

Although this seems to change daily, we currently have the following old (not hand-painted) colors currently available in the Chick Salt: Aquamarine, Chocolate Carnival, Daffodil, Heatherbloom, Lilac, Milk Chocolate, Mountain Haze, Mulberry Mist, Olde Lyme, Rosie Pink, Sunkist Carnival, Touch of Pink, and Winter Swirl.

In April, we added the Lucky the unicorn as our mid-month special. We will extend it and the current old colors currently available in the Lucky unicorn are Bermuda, Crystal, Ebony, and Mulberry Mist.

The Teddy tugboat is named after Bernard’s brother, Ted. The following colors are currently available in the Teddy tugboat: Daffodil, Ebony, Olympic White Carnival, Pocono, September Swirl, Sunburst, and Violet Slate.

patandliz125Patrick and Elizabeth Boyd, 1990

Newsletter SpecialsElizabeth doll, Hand, and Patrick bear.
For this month each of the newsletter specials will sell for $4.00.  The Elizabeth doll and the Patrick bear are both original Boyd Glass moulds. The moulds are named after the children of John and Karen. The Elizabeth namesake is a doll that we had created to be one-half the size of our Colonial Lady mould. The Patrick namesake is a bear holding a bunch of balloons. Many Patrick collectors enjoy having their collection enhanced with a HP Patrick bear with multicolored balloons. For each of these moulds, there is a wide range of colors available, see website.

The Hand is a pin dish or ash tray. This mould was once a Degenhart Glass mould and has a flower and 5 leaves at the base. It was supposedly modeled after Queen Victoria’s hand. We have a range of colors available in the Hand.

Sue’s Collector’s Corner
Baby Doll
Bowling Pink Ashtray
Bull Dog’s Head
Ceramic Pie Vents

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