Mid-April 2014 Newsletter

Mid-April 2014

Special celebrations call for special gifts

During this month, there are lots of celebrations: religious holidays, environmental holidays, and professional holidays. Regardless of your faith, many religions have symbols that signify special days. Animals tend to be of significance as well this month. And for those of you who know a certain administrative professional, there's always Administrative Professionals' Week: the last full week of April. Honor someone you appreciate with a piece of Boyd Glass.

Traci has added several one-of-a-kind items to the category Old Boyd on our website. An unusual item is the hand-painted mini vase which is offered in various colors. These vases, beautifully hand-painted with flowers, sell for $15.00 each. They are mostly hand-painted by the artist, Peter Weixlmann. Traci also added a Colonial Doll named Yolanda. This is one hard to find, since the doll color is Ruby, made in April 1987.

Bernard enjoys sharing with customers his book, My Life as a Glassman. We still have some available; price is $7.00--the book is $5.00 with $2.00 shipping.

We have added Lucky the unicorn as our mid-April special. The wide range of Lucky colors available include: Bermuda, Cobalt, Crystal, Crystal Satin, Ebony, Ebony Satin, Honeycomb, Mulberry Mist, Olympic White, Olympic White Satin Rosie Pink and Siesta selection of colors available. It is quite a festival of colors when they are displayed together. This larger of our two unicorns is available until the end of the month for only $6.00.

Our regular April specials continue. These existing April specials are the Duke Scottie dog, Debbie duck and the Duckling. The Ducking is a one-half sized version of the Debbie duck. These current moulds are on April special for $6, $8, and $4 respectively.

We will gladly add names or cross them off our list - just email us