April 2014 Newsletter

April 2014 Newsletter

Spring Cleaning Unearths Older Boyd Glass Items

Spring is such a wonderful season--so full of colors and the sweet smells of blossoms. Many collectors on their way to Washington's Cherry Blossom festival break up their journeys by visiting with us and we enjoy hearing their collecting achievements. With the explosion of the internet, collectors are building their own collections by using this technology. One collector had not realized we had a website because she was an early customer, so we showed her how she could begin or build her collection from the convenience of her own home. It was such a delight to see her light up! If you haven't visited our website recently, we invite you to visit it soon. There are many items now available, although there may be only one in stock.

We added several Just Founds to our Old Boyd glass category.  The first is Louise Doll in an Experimental color.  The glass color is Snow that was rolled in a powdered glass and was not issued as a regular color in the Louise doll series.  The other Just Found is a Rubina Brian the bunny.  We had mentioned the special qualities of this difficult-to-make-color in last month’s newsletter.  We made the Rubina Brian in January 1986.  Also found are some Cobalt 3” Swans!  This open salt we made in July 1985. 

Bernard’s book, My Life as a Glassman, is available.  The total cost for one is $7.00; the book is $5.00 plus $2.00 shipping. It is not shown on the website.  Send us an email or call us to ask for it.

A long-time Boyd Glass collector of our owls has been trying to complete his collection of the Woodsie.  We have two owl moulds.  The familiar owl is stooping over a branch.  The other is an upright owl that had to be ground on the bottom, called Woodsie.  This Boyd Glass collector lacks two colors - Lilac and Olde Lyme to complete his Woodsie collection!  Let us know if you have an extra of these elusive colors and it would make his day.

On our website, we will display the Colonial doll as our Featured item this month.  These colonial dolls, holding a bouquet of flowers, are wearing a bonnet and a colonial style dress.  This Boyd Glass original doll mould was made from a plasticine model hand-crafted by artistian, Karen Fling.

Newsletter SpecialsDuke Scottie dog, Debbie duck, Duckling

We will extend the Duke, Scottie dog through April.  The Duke we added as a mid-March Special.  This Scottie dog is available for only $6.00 and is available in a wide selection of colors.  It is quite a festival of colors when they are displayed together.

The Debbie mould and the duckling mould are two moulds that were made for us by Island Mould.  Debbie the duck is named after Debbie Welsh, daughter of Bernard and Sue Boyd.  The Debbie mould is pressed two at a time and the duckling is pressed four at a time.  After annealing, the bottoms of these ducks are ground smooth on a grinding wheel.  For April, the Debbie duck will sell for $8.00 and the Duckling will sell for $4.00.

Sue’s Collector’s Corner
3” Swan – Cobalt
Brian bunny – Rubina
Louise doll – Experimental Color

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