Mid-March 2014 Newsletter

Mid-March 2014 Newsletter

Chick Salts Selling on eBay

We're welcoming spring here in Ohio, although today's forecast is a bit chilly, wet and wild! Still, springtime colors are showing up in some clothing, decorations, and accessories and there are plenty of colorful Boyd Glass items to decorate your office desk, a dining room table, or a window sill. Please visit our website to view our mid-month special (Duke) and browse a bit for that special treat for a special someone in your life.

Bernard enjoys talking to collectors who are enthused about our glass. Just the other day, a lady, who recently purchased one our little horses, called to get more information. Yes, Bernard answered the phone, and was able to tell her it is a Little Joe and that mould was destroyed to make the carousel horse, Candy. She collects Eli and Sarah and only lacks the color, Cherry Red! It would make her day if you had an extra; let us know. She was very knowledgeable about Boyd and collects knowing that these will eventually go to her granddaughter. She told us about two recent eBay sales of a Boyd Glass Chick Salt in Rubina. One had the Rubina color misidentified and still had 26 bids. The other labeled correctly sold for $511. Rubina is a very interesting glass color. It is a clear light blue when pressed but then strikes RED when reheated on a glaser. The trick when reheating it is to just heat the item a little. Therefore, you have colors of blue, green and red glass. Bernard recently talked to a group of Cambridge Glass collectors about Rubina. We have currently two older dolls –Colonial Doll and Louise, available in Rubina. Bernard obviously enjoys conversations about all glass not just the color Rubina.

We have added the Scottie dog Duke as our mid-March special. We have a wide selection of colors available. It is quite a festival of colors when they are displayed together. This Scottie dog is available until the end of the month for only $6.00.

Our regular March specials continue. These existing March specials are the Colonial doll, Louise doll, and HP Virgil clown. These current moulds are on special for $6, $6, and $10 respectively.

Traci has begun mailing Bernard’s book, My Life as a Glassman. She is sending them methodically as we receive a batch from the printer. So do not panic if yours hasn’t arrived yet. The cost of the book is $5.00, and the shipping for one book is $2.00. Feedback received from those who have received their copy has been very favorable.

We will gladly add names or cross them off our list - just email us