March 2014 Newsletter

March 2014

Bernard's Book ready

Over the years, we've heard of various ways people collect our glass. Most folks like to collect a specific item, others tend to collect the same color of different items. Recently, one new collector wanted to begin collections for her friends and thought to celebrate their birthdays with colors that either matched their birthstones or their birth month's flower's color.

Spring is just around the corner -- or so they say -- and looking to March, we have the birthstones Aquamarine and Bloodstone. The flower for March is the jonquil, or daffodil or narcissus. We have several colors that resemble these light blue, dark green, yellow or white. Let us know what you have in mind. What makes this type of collecting especially fun is that it allows the collector the thrill of the hunt to find other Boyd items in those colors!

Bernard’s book, My Life as a Glassman is being printed. The cost of the book is $5.00, and the shipping for one book is $2.00. We are working with the employees at the post office to calculate the best shipping rates. We are learning; it will not be media rate that is determined in pounds. And the book is letter and not an envelope because of its size and weight. The book has color pictures of Bernard on the front cover and on the back cover. Even if your name is already on Traci’s list, please double check that she has your correct mailing address and billing information. This book has been a long time coming, from initial scrawlings to finished product. We are very pleased with it, and think it will make a great companion to one’s Boyd Glass collection.

We have featured this month on our website several Boyd Glass Alexandrite paperweights.  Made using the colorant Neodymium oxide, these paperweights are available in various floral patterns and exhibit The Alexandrite Effect.  

Newsletter Specials – Colonial Doll, Louise Doll, Virgil Clown HP

We started making the colonial doll in September 1984. The first ones we called Alphabet dolls. The series ran from Alma to Zeta and were originally issued with a paper tag. Beginning in December 1987, we made the colonial doll as a companion to the Colonial Man. For these dolls we only made 50 of each color. In April 1997, the dolls were marked with an R and made only once a year. We have many older colors of the Colonial dolls from our showroom display that we are selling. The Colonial doll is on special this month for $6.00 each.

The Louise doll was our first doll mould, made for us by Island Mould in Wheeling, WV. Louise was named after Louise Boyd and was introduced in September 1979. Bernard C. Boyd began the collection making the “Ice Series.” He made these glass colors that looked much like moonstone glasses. The Louise doll is on special this month for $6.00. Many of these colors are singles and we also have a wide range of colors available.

We added the hand-painted Virgil clown as our mid-February special and will continue it through March. This unique clown has a smile on one side and a frown on the other side. For a distinctive painted clown, Traci took a picture of each pattern. This painted Virgil will be on special this month for $10.00.

Sue’s Collector’s Corner
Sold Out
Sportscar – all colors
Tucker car – all colors

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