December 2014 Newsletter

December 2014

Happy Holidays!  

You may have noticed that we don’t have any glass for sale on our website.  Recently, a big dealer bought our entire inventory and we have no more Boyd Glass to sell.  Earlier, we sold our cast iron moulds (we first removed our Diamond B trademark).  We also found a home for our press and glazer.  We are still looking for someone who needs a 1.5-cubic-meter JLS glass kiln; it weighs 9000 pounds.   We also have various refractories and bricks, and a recouperator.  And once they go, the property will sell.  

Looking back, one of many things that make us proud is the quality of the glass that we produced.  All of our glasses are special - the clear ones, the opaque ones, the opals, and the elaborate slags.  There have been many days when didn’t “work”, but we ladled out the molten glass in our 1500-pound-daytank.  We did this because the quality was not up to our standards.  Stones, bubbles, cords, “salt water”, etc. would be reason for us to ladle.  We would wield the 8-foot-long iron scoop into our 2200-degree glass and carefully drop the hot glass into a barrel full of water.  Steam pouring out the building’s windows and doors must have been an ominous site to random passersby on Morton Ave.  

As this is our final send off, we want to remind our collectors to look for our trademark.  The Diamond B mark will assure you that the Boyd family made that item with pride during our 36 years of glassmaking.  

When you visit our website homepage, you’ll see a picture of Bernard and Sue riding Segways while on vacation in West Palm Beach.  Hopefully, they will continue to, every day, enjoy their retirement.  John has plans to volunteer and Traci will be busy with her family.

Our website will remain open.  All of our Chick Salt colors are displayed to help with color identification.  Also available on the site are the mould-lists of our most popular moulds.

John and Sue said they would answer emails, albeit not as timely as before.  Thank you for your friendship, and support and allowing us to bring a piece of us into your home the past 36 years.

We will gladly add names or cross them off our list - just email us