November 2014 Newsletter

November 2014

A life of bounty

Heading into a full holiday season, we make note of our blessings and express our gratitude for one another. And the unexpected surprise is that some of these blessings come in the most unsuspected ways. For example, South Central Power publishes a monthly Country Living magazine, and what did we learn? In the "annual compendium of ideas for Ohio-made gifts", Boyd Glass is featured twice! A picture of our Lil' Angel is nestled in between a birdhouse and a candy apple on the title page of the printed Holiday Gift Guide, and one of our covered Turkey dishes is pictured under "In the spirit of the season" of the same article. We had an e-mail dialogue with the author, and we were pleasantly surprised when Boyd Glass was displayed in full color.  

We continue customer appreciation offering the code, “thanks” will enable you will get 50% off on our website.

November newsletter specials – Mabel $6, Mac $8, Sonny $6

Bernard had an Aunt Mabel. Yes, Bernard named a cow after her. Mabel, the cow, is a mould Boyd Glass created. Normally selling for $10, the Mabel will sell for $6. We currently have four colors available.

The Mac is one of our Scottie dogs, and we had this mould made as well. Normally selling for $12, this Scottie dog is sitting upright. This month Mac will sell for $8. Currently there are four colors in stock, and one of them is satin.

The Sonny gorilla is named after the late Sonny Sickles. Sonny Sickles was an accomplished glasscutter and a family friend. The Sonny is a gorilla mould that we also created. Normally selling for $10, it will sell for $6.

We will gladly add names or cross them off our list - just email us