Mid-October 2014 Newsletter

Mid-October 2014

Thirty-six years: Boyd Glass began October 10, 1978

The mid-October newsletter specials are our slippers – both the Cat Slipper and the Bow Slipper.  Each will sell for $6.00, and there is a range of colors available. During their travels, John’s wife and daughter stopped at a terrific shoe store and discovered a large collection of glass slippers. When they asked if they could look at some, the owner explained they weren’t for sale. Just curious to see if any of them were Boyd Glass slippers! 

We will continue offer the regular October newsletter specials of Angel, Taffy carousel, and Virgil clown.  These Boyd Glass original moulds will sell continue to sell for $10, $10 and $8 respectively. 

Collectors have inquired what happens to our website once we sell our inventory? Even when we don’t have glass on it to sell, we will maintain both www.boydglass.com and www.boydglass.net    Both domains are linked and typing either name will get you to the same site. One part of our website that collectors find useful are the mould lists. We have all the mouldlists on the factory computer and have uploaded ones of the more popular items on our website. The other necessary parts of our site are pages where the entire collection of Chick Salts are displayed. This color information is quite useful in trying to identify our glass colors produced during the past 30+ years.  

We will gladly add names or cross them off our list - just email us