Mid-September 2014 Newsletter

Mid-September 2014

Celebrating the good life with candy!

The National Confectioners’ Association website, Candyusa.com, lists the Candy Holidays. On the site, we find that September 13 is International Chocolate Day and September 22 is National White Chocolate Day. It is interesting to note that also in the website are daily and weekly Moderation Guides for candy consumption. Boyd Glass has several candy containers that Bernard created from the JB Scottie dog and the Taffy carousel horse mould. Both JB and Taffy moulds (as candy containers) are available in several colors and sell for $20 and $25 respectively. Both of these are moulds that Boyd Glass created. We also have a Candy Dish in Petal Pink. This is an old Degenhart Glass mould. In the Gene Florence book on Degenhart Glass, this mould is called Wildflower Nappy and lid. Our Candy Dish in Petal Pink sells for $20.

For our mid-September specials we have changed the price of the Rex dinosaur to $5. We also changed the price of the Duke Scottie dog to $8. Several colors are available in each of these moulds.

We will continue the regular September newsletter specials of Freddie, Little Joe, Patrick, and Willie. In this offering the Freddie hobo clown, the Little Joe horse, the Patrick balloon bear, and the Willie small mouse are $5 each. These four moulds are also moulds that Boyd Glass created.

Mid-week we had a couple visit us from Brisbane Australia. They stopped in to see Bernard, Sue, John and Traci; view our video; and see our operation. They were “in the area” to pick up one of our walking sticks (a cane to you and me) from one of our dealers in Indiana.

We will continue our Customer Appreciation special. By entering the code "thanks" on the website, your glass purchase will be reduced by half.

We will gladly add names or cross them off our list - just email us