August 2014 Newsletter

August 2014 

August is Customer Appreciation Month

We often try to determine our monthly specials by being mind readers. Over the years, we've tried to anticipate our customers' needs or wants by tying in our specials with upcoming holidays. We will have the Brian bunny or Bunny Salts on special around Eastertime. The Turkey Salts and the 5” Turkey will be on special around Thanksgiving. And our Christmas moulds of Santa Bell and Sleighs will go on around the Christmastime. So instead of us trying to guess what would be a good special for this month, we decided to have everything half off.

 Yes, August is Customer Appreciation Month here at Boyd Glass. We'd like to express our thanks to you by offering you the opportunity to purchase your glass at wholesale prices. By entering the code "thanks" on the website, your glass purchase will be reduced by half. No quotes are needed just the letters, t h a n k s . We think you should be in the driver's seat and we look forward to seeing some full baskets!   In the selling of our glass inventory, all of the us thank you for your support during our 36 years in the glassmaking business.  

During our travels, we stumble across colored rocks and while in northern Michigan, we learned more about the healing powers of certain rocks and semi-precious gems. It made us happy to see some of our Boyd Glass color names with healing properties. While we may not have included any of those precious stones to the batch, we'd still like to think that many of our objects d'art carry magical powers. Did you know that Sodalite eliminates confusion, alleviates fear and is mildly sedative? Amethyst serves myriad purposes: meditation, overcoming addictions, inner peace, and it strengthens the immune system. Regardless of whether you believe these or not, it is reassuring to learn that just by holding something, it brings the bearer a sense of contentment. We'd like to believe that the thousands of Boyd Glass items have brought you pleasure.

 Sue’s Collector’s Corner

Elizabeth – all colors
Melissa – all colors
Nancy – all colors


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